Make yourself useful to others- I love this in lieu of the individualistic idea of purpose.

Heard this great idea at a talk last week between a comedian and a bee lady- the precession effect- as being the best idea of how we create meaning. It's all about the unintended consequences/effects of our pursuit of purpose- the gold happens as a bi-product of the pursuit.

"As defined here, for a body in motion, Precession is any action or movement that occurs at 90 degrees to its main direction of motion.

Buckminster Fuller goes a bit beyond that to suggest that in many cases, these actions or movements at 90 degrees are more meaningful for the overall health of an ecosystem than the main action.

Another way to put it is that an entity may be moving in a direction towards its goal, but at 90 degrees to it, something else is happening that may be very beneficial to the overall ecosystem that the entity is in. This precessional action may actually be of such critical importance to the health of the ecosystem, that one can think of it as the entity’s “purpose”."

A goodie to add to the ikegai folder I think.

Your in appreciation and awe of your usefulness ;)

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